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LIS 950: Libraries and community

The purpose of this seminar is to explore an important topic in library and information studies in depth — in all its intertwined historical, cultural, philosophical, and political aspects — through a graduate reading/discussion seminar. The topic varies each time the course is taught; this time around, we will focus on "libraries and community"

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Something from Jom

Hi All,

My name is Jomkwan Polparsi. You can call me Jom. I am from Bangkok, Thailand. This is the third semester of my PhD study, and I am very happy to be here in Madison. To those who are new students, I would say "yes, you have come to the right place." In 1996, I was in Whitewater, Wisconsin, for my master degree in Curriculum and Instruction emphasizing in Library and Information Technology. Then, I returned to Thailand and taught at Bangkok University for 10 years! I also worked in the management level for Central Library, Bangkok University. Well, I could not wait to come back to school!

My research interests vary from organization of information and information systems to users education and library services. They are being narrowed down to topics and issues on copyrights, data protection, the elderly and ICT, movement and migration of ICT in a society, and many more.

This seminar will lead me to learn more about the field of libary science and information technology - especially I am interested in the revolution and migration of technology and culture between generations. Definitely, I am hoping to find an opportunity to develop a mastery paper from this class.

See you on Friday :)


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