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LIS 950: Libraries and community

The purpose of this seminar is to explore an important topic in library and information studies in depth — in all its intertwined historical, cultural, philosophical, and political aspects — through a graduate reading/discussion seminar. The topic varies each time the course is taught; this time around, we will focus on "libraries and community"

Friday, September 23, 2005

Follow up to today's Katrina/library efforts discussion

Middletown Thrall Library Special Coverage:
Hurricane Katrina Information Guide
This guide provides links to other websites on the Internet about Hurricane Katrina.


This is so well put together . . . It has made my exhausting day end on a high. Sure, there is a TON of information on Katrina relief efforts - but leave it to a small library to:

  1. refine and put out all of these great resources in a very concise and coherent list
  2. have the knowledge of HTML markup and search/retrieval/hits to make sure this comes up quickly in a google search
  3. Not to mention that this is a small town library in upstate New York.

I love it.


Blogger Barbara Walden said...

Hi Blaire: Why do you think it is that the small library does this better? Is it just because someone happens to be there who combines the right amount of techno-savvy and caring to make this a priority, and successful? Or is there something about the smaller community that makes this kind of initiative easier? I think this is kind of relevant to thinking about communities.

9:04 PM  

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