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LIS 950: Libraries and community

The purpose of this seminar is to explore an important topic in library and information studies in depth — in all its intertwined historical, cultural, philosophical, and political aspects — through a graduate reading/discussion seminar. The topic varies each time the course is taught; this time around, we will focus on "libraries and community"

Monday, October 24, 2005

Chancellor encourages steps toward ‘creating community'

Some of you may have seen this message on community from the Chancellor. Note that creating community focuses almost entirely on diversity. Diversity is not really defined here other than the reference to seek out someone different from them, someone whose background or ethnicity or identity is uniquely different from their own.

Chancellor’s Message

“Creating Community” is an appropriate theme to develop as UW-Madison continues its goal of expanding diversity in campus life. Our success does not hinge on any one office or division, nor is it strictly a question of enrollment or hiring practices.

We all have a role to play, and we all have a stake in its outcome.

“Creating Community” will reinforce the need for broad campus input on how this institution can foster and promote diversity. The campus-wide forums will provide status reports on Plan 2008, highlight some of our more successful programs and examine areas where we are falling short. But it’s critically important that the interaction runs both ways, and that diversity leaders hear about the challenges and successes on the front lines of education.

During the Fall 2005 welcome for first-year students, I challenged the group to seek out someone different from them, someone whose background or ethnicity or identity is uniquely different from their own. I recommended it as a single, small step in understanding the power of diversity to shape our knowledge of the world. It’s also a step I hope students are ready to repeat many times over as they prepare to live in a multicultural society.

here is the entire message:



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