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LIS 950: Libraries and community

The purpose of this seminar is to explore an important topic in library and information studies in depth — in all its intertwined historical, cultural, philosophical, and political aspects — through a graduate reading/discussion seminar. The topic varies each time the course is taught; this time around, we will focus on "libraries and community"

Monday, November 07, 2005

Irene's comment about our class dynamic

I totally agree! And it also brings up issues such as learning behaviors, learning styles, personality traits, educational background, etc. - all of those things we bring to a class as individuals (and the same goes for the public space/use of libraries - everyone brings something different).

And this leads to issues of what is considered acceptable in particular spaces/circumstances. How do people perceive what should and should not be done in a library? Why do some view the 'quiet' library as a place of study and the 'noisy' library as a place of recreation or debate? Why isn't the noisy library a place of study? What does this say about our notions of learning and education?

Part of the reason this is, for me, an important issue is that my learning style is very interactive, kinesthetic, and verbal/spoken. This is largely a consequence of my ADD - even medicated, I need active interaction. The traditionally quiet library and/or classroom hasn't been a particularly welcoming space. It doesn't serve my needs, but then, the type(s) of spaces and practices that work for me induce others with a lot of tension!

So my question becomes: Is there really a space for everyone? Is this possible?


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